Novanet Associate Membership Terms of Reference





The purpose of Associate Membership within Novanet is to provide the opportunity to contribute to the development of Novanet’s vision, establishment of its goals and objectives and participate in long-term planning for the consortium. Novanet pursues its purpose through collaboration with its member partners as well as with other agencies and institutions, whenever appropriate.


The status of Associate Membership is created by the Novanet Board of Directors. The position of Associate Membership may be dissolved only on the direction of the Board of Directors.


  1. Benefits of Associate Membership will include, but not be limited to, the following:
    • participation as a co-applicant for any relevant funding proposals.
    • participation as a Novanet library in external organizations and initiatives.
    • the opportunity to have staff participate in Novanet sponsored training and professional development opportunities.
    • participation at Novanet Board of Directors meetings as a non-voting member.
    • participation as a partner library on initiatives such as the Live Help Virtual Reference service.
    • opportunities to join consortia purchases of e-books, software and other resources.
    • participation in developing innovative approaches to province-wide resource sharing.
    • invitation to contribute to other collaborative Novanet efforts to improve library services for all Nova Scotians.


  1. Associate Membership is granted to a Nova Scotia library, upon invitation by the Novanet Board of Directors and payment of Associate Membership fee. Payment of Associate Membership fees will be used to offset shared administrative costs and Directors’ insurance, as well as fund staff training and development. Payment of Associate Membership fees will not include reimbursement for travel associated with Board of Directors meetings or for travel to Novanet sponsored professional development activities.
Passed by Novanet Board of Directors on April 22, 2009.
Revised April 2017