January 19, 1996


To provide the ability to export MARC Request (brief bibliographic) records created within the ADVANCE Acquisitions and Cataloguing systems to the National Library of Canada (via tape format or ftp format according to NLC specifications) in order to obtain fuller bibliographic records for the library’s catalogue. The full bibliographic records returned from the National Library of Canada (also via tape or ftp) are then used to replace the original MARC Request records in the library’s Catalogue.

Setup for using the MARC Request Function

  1. Access to keywords

    Cataloguers who will be using the MARC Request function should have the keywords:

             BRC (Marc Request Cataloguing) 
             BCRS (Marc Request Work Screen)	
  2. Default work screens

    Each Cataloguer who is going to use MARC Request should log on to the Catalogue and type: BCRS (Marc Request Work Screen). The first time that this is done (for each Cataloguer), the system will respond with the message, ‘This is a new record. Do you want....?’ Answer ‘Y’ and the system then prompts for

    	1) Default Format:
    	2) Default Workform:
    	3) Default Browse ID:

    Default format should be set to ‘MR’ for MARC Request. Default Workform should be set to ‘BOOK’ or ‘SERIAL’ depending on whether the Cataloguer wants the monograph or serial MARC request workform to default when adding new MARC requests in the Catalogue. Default browse ID should be left blank.

Creating Search Records

Search records are created in one of two ways. The first way is to assign ‘qm’ (MARC Request Monograph) or ‘qs’ (MARC Request Serial) to the material code in the Acquisitions order record at the time of entry. During the Acquisitions to catalogue transfer, these records are used to create items in the MREQ file.

The second way of creating MARC Request search records is to add the items through the BRC (MARC Request Cataloguing) function in the Catalogue.

BRC - MREQ Request Cataloguing

The BRC function in the Catalogue allows for the addition, update and deletion of MARC Request records.

Retrieval of MARC Request records can be done by LCN (local control number), LC Card Number, ISBN/ISSN, title or by other indexed information (i.e.; Canadiana or National Bibliography number).

Addition of MARC Request records

New MARC Request records are added using the ‘N’ option from the MARC Request Cataloguing Screen (BRC). The system will respond by presenting a blank MARC screen with tags that default from the Cataloguers default workform. To change the workform (i.e.: from ‘qm’ - monograph - material code to ‘qs’ - serial - material code), chose the Overlay Workform option, enter the new workform name and then choose (2) Record over Workform.

Creating MARC Request records when ordering in ACQ

By specifying the MATERIAL CODE 'qm' on the order screen MARC Request records will be automatically created during the transfer of the order to the OPAC.

                   ORD - BRIEF ORDER ENTRY                          

  1. LIBRARY      : NOVNET             8. LC CARD #    :
  2. ORDER TYPE   : MONOG              9. VENDOR TITLE#:
  3. MATERIAL CODE: qm    FORMAT : MR 10. CONTROL #    :
  4. ISBN/ISSN    :                   11. SERIAL       : N
  5. TITLE        :
  6. AUTHOR       :
  7. PUBLISHER    :

 12. VENDOR       :                   17. PRIORITY :
 13. PAYMENT TYPE :                   18. PARTS/CPY:   1
 14. TRANSFER     : Y                 19. UNIT COST:
 15. REQUESTOR    :                   20. CONDITION:
 16. SELECTORS    :
    LOCATN CPY SHIPTO  FUND                      %  FUND                      %
  1                     -   -   -   -   -            -   -   -   -   -
  2                     -   -   -   -   -            -   -   -   -   -
  3                     -   -   -   -   -            -   -   -   -   -
  4                     -   -   -   -   -            -   -   -   -   -