AdvGui Functionality Reports

1. Preorder Search - inabililty to identify owning library CLOSED - FIXED
2. System Generated Holding Statements and GeoWeb display CLOSED
1A. No location in AP rendering pay-anywhere impossible CLOSED
1B. No location when placing Holds/Recalls CLOSED-FIXED
2. Holds. GUI appears to transform copy-specific into system-wide OPEN
3. Overdue Reserves - occasionally, fines not created or wrong amounts CLOSED
4. Inability to cancel or escape from the circulation of an NCIRC item CLOSED
5. default expiry date for patron type not automatically inserted CLOSED-FIXED
6. Drop down menus (using F8) don't drop down CLOSED
7. Problem Tabbing through every field CLOSED
1. After Marc Edit - errors saving record CLOSED-FIXED
2. Vendor Required in Copyset CLOSED
3. When using MARC edit in locations - link not hypertexting to web CLOSED