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Librarians can logon to Basic Questionpoint or download and schedule time with users on the Enhanced Questionpoint service. Details are listed below.

Launch Live Help Now! Frequently Asked Questions

Hours of Basic Chat Service (Atlantic Time)

Monday 1:00-5:00; 7:00-9:00
Tuesday – Thursday 1:00-5:00
Friday 1:00-5:00; 6:00-9:00
Saturday No Service
Sunday 6:00-9:00

Basic Service Librarian Logon

Librarian Logon for Basic Questionpoint is at:
Select Librarian Logon at the top of the page and enter your User ID and Password. Select Launch Chat .

Enhanced Serivice

The Enhanced Service requires both the Librarian and the caller to load software/plugin respectively. The instructions are provided below for both. Remember to use IE only with this service.

To load the librarian software go to:
Save the file to your desktop

Once the globe icon is on your desktop, click on it and enter the following information:
Port: 6081
Auto Connect (checked)
Encrypt Connection (checked)

Once this is done, you can log in.

Enter the following to use the software:
Authorization: (your “login id” number )
Institution ID: 10664 (this number is the same for all of us)
Password: (your personal password)

To download the caller plugin go to:
Follow the instructions on the page. When installation is complete, the plugin applet icon will only display in the upper right corner of the Novanet OPAC

For technical assistance contact Gordon Bertrand , Systems Librarian, Macdonald Library St. Francis Xavier University Phone: (902) 867-2334 Fax: (902) 867-5153

Remember to advise your users that this service works best with Internet Explorer.

The general email for livehelp ( ) is currently being read by our live help student.