The Novanet consortium is pleased to partner with the National Network for Equitable Library Service (NNELS). If traditional print doesn’t work for you, talk to your librarian about alternate formats. There are so many ways to read a book!

Il fait grand plaisir au consortium de Novanet de former un partenariat avec RNSEB (Réseau national de service de bibliothèques équitables). Si l’impression traditionnelle ne fonctionne pas pour vous, parlez à votre bibliothécaire au sujet de formats alternatifs. Il y a tellement de façons de lire un livre!

What does NNELS do?

NNELS is an online public library of books for people with a print disability in audiobook, DAISY, PDF, EPUB, e-text, electronic Braille, and other formats.

Do I need to register?

Library registration is required, please contact nnels.ca or your local Library.

Who is eligible to use NNELS?

Eligible users include individuals with print disabilities or people acting on their behalf. Print disabilities include vision, mobility, and comprehension impairments that prevent individuals from being able to read a print book. Approximately 10% of Canadians qualify for access to NNELS. Faculty and students in certain disciplines (like education and psychology) may also be eligible to work with NNELS collections. Contact your library to ask for more information.

Downloadable brochure / Dépliant à télécharger

For more information, please visit nnels.ca or contact your library.