Clean Up Reports

Updated: Feb 23, 2021


  • Barcodes that cannot be searched or scanned in Aleph (or Alma) because they contain symbols, spaces and other oddities.
  • Holding 852 errors ($$c not in tab40)
  • Records with no collection code
  • Collection codes with no holdings or items
  • Suppressed records
  • Circ-Created records
  • Marc tag typos
  • Hold LKR errors

 STL (Sent to Libraries)

  • Collections with multiple item statuses – need to examine and edit so there is one collection per item status
  • Item Process Status report, determine what process statuses are obsolete
  • Unclosed Orders
  • Electronic/print records split
  • ACQ – Order status LC with IPS OO
  • ACQ – Order status VC with IPS OO
  • ACQ – Order status CLS with IPS OO
  • ACQ – Order status CLS with IPS IP
  • Collection = NOMAP
  • Patron credits (positive balances)
  • Holding records with no collection – part 2
  • NET holdings with no URL (missing or malformed 856)
  • ACQ created bib records

Library specific reports

  • SMU – Thesis records – separate print and electronic
  • Novanet Office – P863 Barcodes


  • Local note fields in bib records
  • Orphan bib, holding, and item records
  • Suppressed bibs related to Acquisitions
  • Closed fund codes
  • Records encoded with incorrect language
  • HOL records linked to multiple BIB records
  • Item records with no HOL (unlinked)
  • Subscriptions with no order link
  • Invoices with any status that is not “Paid”
  • Orders with no renewal date – on hold
  • Patrons missing 02 address
  • Expired patron records with blocks
  • On hold reports
  • Lost book report