Newsletter #2, Feb. 10, 2005

Newsletter #2, Feb. 10, 2005


We are at least one step closer to bringing Aleph to life here in Novanet.This shouldn’t conjure images of Frankenstein’s Monster,but rather one of a new baby and all the promise for the future it brings.O.K. maybe that’s a bit over the top but you get my meaning.

In my last update, I made mention of organizing three working groupsto help us proceed. I am happy to list those groups here. Thank youto all who “volunteered”. The groups and their members arelisted below.

The main role of these groups is coordination. They will be relyingheavily on the expertise in the Functional groups and the Novanet communityin order to accomplish their terms of reference. Other working groupswill be struck in the future as needs dictate so there should be lotsof opportunity for everyone to participate.

Hardware arrival and installation

Configuration questionnaires

That’s all for now. Here are the groups.

Novanet Aleph Data Migration Team (DMT)

Terms of Reference

The DMT will be responsible for managing the migration and conversionof data and table configuration from Advance to Aleph. The team willbe chaired by the Project Manager and will report to NSOC. Team memberswill be the conduit between NSOC and the Novanet functional groupswith respect to data migration and testing. Expected duties will include:

  • coordinate the completion of Aleph Configuration Questionnaires
  • coordinate creation of initial conversion specifications
  • oversee data migration and systematic testing
  • recommend outcome of non-migrating data
  • coordinate initial table configuration
  • ensure the data migration process is fully documented
  • Team Members:

    Bill Slauenwhite (Chair)
    Dylan Boudreau
    Richard Lamer
    Ken Clare
    Sandy Dwyer
    Peter Glenister
    Judith Coughlan-Lambly
    Karen Chandler
    Bev Neable
    Doug Vaisey
    David Michels
    Gordon Bertand
    Lou Duggin

    Novanet Aleph Training Coordination Team (TCT)

    The TCT will be responsible for establishing and coordinating thetraining schedule for the functional groups. The team will be chairedby the Project Manager and will report to NSOC. Team members willensure that all stakeholders receive the required training in themost efficient manner. Team members will be the conduit between NSOCand the Novanet functional groups with respect to training. Expectedduties will include:

  • develop a comprehensive training plan
  • coordinate training activities throughout the Novanet community
  • develop training schedules
  • develop training documentation
  • ensure the training process is fully documented
  • Ann Roman
    Linda Gray
    Chris Macdonald
    Terri Winchcombe
    Debbie Costelo

    Novanet Aleph Desktop Client Team (DCT)

    The DCT will be responsible for coordinating the deployment of theAleph client. The team will be chaired by Dylan Boudreau, the TechnicalLead, Implementation, and will report to NSOC. Team members will bethe conduit between NSOC and the Novanet functional groups with respectto the Aleph client. Expected duties will include:

  • establish and communicate desktop requirements
  • coordinate Aleph client roll out and installation (network andstand alone)
  • investigate relationship between Aleph client and other software
  • initial Aleph client user configuration
  • Dylan Boudreau (Chair)
    Peter Webster
    Terry Nikkel
    Kit Clarke
    Mark Lewis