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Novanet ILS Implementation: Newsletter

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Newsletter #1, Feb. 7, 2005

Hi All,

One thing that is clear to all of us is the need for timely communication.This is the first in a series of updates on where we are in the implementationprocess. I have been attending the Functional group meetings (and willcontinue to do so as needed) to keep them up to date, but this newsletterwill serve to inform the whole community.

Much of the work from Ex Libris’ point of view is predicatedon getting the new hardware that Aleph will run on delivered. We expectit to arrive next week and installed soon after. Once that is done theorder of business for Ex Libris will be:

  • Install Oracle (database management software) and Aleph
  • Provide overview training (more on this later)
  • Kick off meeting and initial system analysis
  • Distribution of configuration questionnaires
  • This will happen in the 3 or 4 weeks following the hardware arrival.

    In the meantime there are things we our doing here.

    We are in the process of setting up an Implementation web site whereyou will be able to keep up to date on the project and access documentationand the like.

    Our focus in the near future will be on the new system configurationand data extraction, migration and testing. To accomplish these I havebegun the process of setting up 3 working groups whose responsibilitieswill be to coordinate:

  • the training process (so we can test the data),
  • the client set up (so we can use the software),
  • the data extraction/migration (so we have data to test).
  • Once the recruiting is complete, the membership of each group and termsof reference will be posted on the Implementation web site and theywill be the focus of a future newsletter.

    We are currently exploring our options for getting the data out ofAdvance and into Aleph. Information will be posted as it becomes available.

    In re-reading this email, I realize some of it sounds very vague. That’sbecause it is. As mentioned earlier, a firmer time line won’tbe available until the hardware is up and running. A kick-off meetingwith our Ex Libris Project Manager, Todd Morris, will happen very soon(sorry) and will serve to firm up many of these dates.

    In the meantime, as they say in the military: Hurry up and wait.

    Bill Slauenwhite

    ILS Implementation Project Manager