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Novanet ILS Implementation: Newsletter

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Newsletter #4, March 13, 2005


As you can see from the subject line, I still don’t have a newname for these updates. I received such an overwhelming response (aslong as you define overwhelming as more than one) to my last offer ofa be-a-utiful green Novanet pen for suggestions that I thought I’dup the ante. I’ll extend the contest till my next update and offernot only the pen, but also a coffee date with Dylan, or $2.00 – whicheveryou prefer. You’ll probably prefer the two bucks, since I haven’tmentioned this to Dylan yet ….

This will be a short update as there is not a lot of new informationto pass on, but I will be tied up with the meetings and training I reportedon in the last update for the next two weeksso I didn’t want to wait till after them to report in.

In this update:

Additions to the Implementation Web site
Aleph Training Documentation

The Documentation area of the web site has grown with the additionof our completed responses to the Configuration and Conversion Analysisquestionnaires from ExL. These documents will assist us in our Kickoffand System Analysis meetings on Monday and Tuesday. I’ve alsoadded links to the ExL web site and the North American ALEPH Users groupsite. Of particular interest on the Users Group site is a link to subscribeto the Aleph-NA listserv, which is the discussion list for Aleph sites.There are also some more specific discussion lists (like Circ, and Admin)that might be of interest for those of you that just don’t getenough email as it is now.

We have received a Training Documentation CD from ExL that I will bedistributing to each library as soon as I get the chance to make copies.I am also attempting to get it mounted on our web site. Each specificmodular training manual is broken down into countless Word documents,which make it easy to print off or modify, but it’s a real bearto mount on the Web. Each individual document needs its own file withits own link and there are literally hundreds… so more on thatlater.

Upcoming events:

Beginning the data extraction process
Planning the training process

I leave you with the following cartoon (attached for those who can’tsee inline images) sent in by a reader who shall remain nameless (SarahStevenson). I’m not sure just who she thinks they are referringto – me, the vendor …??


Bill Slauenwhite
ILS Implementation Project Manager