Novanet Manager


Position: Novanet Manager 2-year Limited Term
Reporting to: Chair, Novanet Board of Directors
Updated: November 2023

Novanet Inc. is seeking an experienced and forward-thinking leader, for a two-year limited term, to oversee the continued functions of Novanet as it examines its current operational requirements and charts a renewed path into the future.

Organizational Structure: The Novanet Manager reports directly to the Chair of Novanet and takes direction from the Novanet Board of Directors.

General Responsibilities: Reporting to the Chair of Novanet and taking direction from the Novanet Board of Directors the Novanet Manager is responsible for the overall management and strategic direction of Novanet Inc. The Novanet Manager oversees all aspects of the Novanet consortium operations in compliance with the direction, policies, and procedures established by the Novanet Board of Directors; ensuring efficient and transparent management of Novanet resources through an administrative contract with ISI.

Responsibilities include:
• delivering a consistent, reliable, and state-of-the-art automated library services platform;
• providing leadership to the Board on emerging technologies, innovative solutions and systems planning;
• effective project management of approved projects and operational plans;
• maintaining effective relationships with Novanet member libraries, managing office staff and the daily operations of the Novanet library services platform (LSP) and all other related technology systems;
• serving in an advocacy role and promoting Novanet;
• maintaining effective partnerships and assuming responsibilities as assigned relating to activities between Novanet and the Council of Atlantic Academic Libraries – Conseil des bibliothèques postsecondaires de l’Atlantique (CAAL-CBPA), as well as other consortia, partners, and contractors

Specific Duties:
1. Liaison and Support for Board and Committees
a. Develops and recommends policies and procedures for Board approval.
b. Communicates and implements policies and procedures under the direction of the Board.
c. Ensures effective and timely communication with the Board, Committees and all Novanet Library staff.
d. Ensures that Committees, Working Groups and Task Forces are structured and composed in a way that supports effective management of the shared library services platform and collaboration among member libraries.
e. Provides the necessary liaison, direction, and staff support to Committees, Task Force, and Working Group Chairs, to enable them to perform their functions.
f. Provides recommendations and leadership for activities and strategic initiatives, including monitoring and evaluation, in alignment with Novanet’s mission and goals.
g. Produces an annual report with oversight from the Chair of the Board.
h. Organizes Board and Board Executive meetings, prepares the Board meeting package and acts as Recording Secretary.
i. Identifies and organizes training opportunities for Committees.

2. Budget Management:
a. Oversees and carries out budgetary and financial reporting responsibilities as required by the Board.
b. Under the direction of the Chair of the Board, negotiates and executes contracts and commitments pertaining to all Novanet technology systems on behalf of the Board.
c. Under the direction of the Chair of the Board, and working with the Treasurer, manages the Novanet operating and capital budget expenditures.
d. Under the direction of the Chair of the Board, has signing authority up to $3,000.
e. Actively participates in the budget-setting process.

3. Automated Library Systems
a. Responsible for the efficient and effective operations of all Novanet technology systems, including the LSP system and additional enhancements (3rd party and other).
b. Directs and assesses system support for LSP users.
c. Ensures the LSP system is configured and responsive to meet the needs of its users and recommends system enhancements as required.
d. Advises the Board on new functionality and its benefit to member institutions.
e. Organizes demos and meetings with vendors as required.
f. Supports and leads Novanet technical and office staff as needed.

4. Reporting:
a. Provides regular written reports to the Novanet Board of Directors as a standing item for Board meetings and ad hoc as required.
b. Produce and publish the Novanet Annual Report annually at the end of August with oversight from the Chair of the Board.

5. Internal and External Relations:
a. Coordinates activities of the Novanet Consortium.
b. Serves as ex-officio member of all Novanet working groups and functional groups and ensures reporting responsibilities to the Board are carried out.
c. Coordinates activities of functional groups through consultation with the Board and Novanet committees.
d. Liaises with Board members, Novanet Library staff, external agencies, vendors and other stakeholders.
e. Strategic planning, coordination and liaison with CAAL-CBPA and other consortia, as required.
f. Attends meetings of external organizations, as required.
g. Serves on committees of external organizations, as required.

6. Human Resource Management:
a. Supervises and conducts regularly scheduled performance reviews of all Novanet technical and office staff reporting to the Novanet Manager.
b. Reviews and recommends staffing complement requirements.
c. In consultation with the Board, hires staff.
d. Provides supervision and organizes training and development requirements for Novanet staff and staff in member libraries in relation to their work with the consortium.

Occupational Experience:
• Strong demonstrated experience with Library Services Platforms and Discovery Services, ideally Alma and Primo.
• Strong demonstrated experience with project management.
• Demonstrated professionalism, diplomacy and ability to maintain confidentiality.
• Experience with facilitation and training, in-person and online.
• Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing.
• Present and speak persuasively to large and diverse audiences.
• Exceptional interpersonal skills; a positive client services perspective.
• Analytical, organizational, problem-solving and leadership skills
• Ability to maintain effective working relationships with Novanet Office staff, Board members, Novanet Library staff, vendors, and internal/external partners.
• Ability to prioritize and multitask in a fast-paced environment.
• Demonstrated commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion.

1. MLS, BSc in Computer Science, MBA, or other appropriate combination of formal post-secondary educational training.
2. Formal training and/or experience in related information science technologies.
3. Five years of experience with library systems in academic, consortia library settings, or equivalent.
4. High level of interpersonal skills and the ability to work in a cooperative environment.
5. Management, project management, contract management, organizational, planning, and budgeting skills.

Salary Range: $76,000 – $100,000 (commensurate with qualifications and experience)

Novanet is committed to fostering a collegial culture grounded in diversity and
inclusiveness. Novanet encourages applications from Indigenous persons (especially Mi’kmaq), persons of Black/African descent (especially African Nova Scotians) and members of other racialized groups, persons with disabilities, women, and persons identifying as members of 2SLGBTQ+ communities, and all candidates who would contribute to the diversity of our community

Salary range – recommend Librarian II range

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