Position: Short Term Research Opportunity – Evaluation Consultant

Reporting to: Project Manager

Position Scope: The Evaluation Consultant for the four pilot projects as defined in the OLT contract for Project #21021 – Remote Distance / Continuing Education Information Support Project is to: provide research expertise and advice for the evaluation portion of the pilot projects; provide leadership in planning the evaluation of each of the projects; to assist in conducting short term trials for the evaluation of each of the projects; analyze the data collected during the trials; assist in the preparation of technical documents and reports; promote effective communication among participants in the trials.

Typical Duties:

  • Information technology evaluationIn consultation with the Project Manager, Assistant Project Manager and Pilot Project TeamsEnsure that evaluation of the Pilot Project trials is consistent with the aims and objectives of the Project as outlined in the OLT contract, needs assessment, and Business Plan.Provide research advice, assistance, and possibly training for the Project Teams doing the data collection in each trial by planning the evaluation, assisting with data collection, analyzing the data and assisting with the preparation of the evaluation portion of the final report for each trial.Ensure that Novanet protocols are followed when introducing new technologies i.e. with the advice of the Novanet System Operations (NSOC) Committee and approval of Project Manager and Novanet Executive Committee.Ensure that all expenses are recorded and within the available budget.
  • Pilot ProjectsProvide research expertise and advice for the evaluation of the pilot projects.Coordinate, and plan the data collection protocols for the selected technologies.Help to identify and report issues that arise and document actual or proposed solutions.Prepare a plan for collection, input, analysis and evaluation of data for each trial, and assist with the preparation of a summary document for each.Ensure that project reporting deadlines are met.
  • May perform other related duties as assigned.Knowledge/Special Skills Required:Training and experience using SPSS or other statistical software packages.Training or experience in project management such as would be demonstrated by successful completion of a project from proposal stage to final report, including planning, coordination (meetings and training), scheduling, evaluation and reporting.Experience with information technologies, such as word processing software (e.g. Word or WordPerfect); internet browsers (e.g. Internet Explorer or Netscape Communicator); spreadsheet software (e.g. Excel); database management software (e.g. Microsoft Access); chat software; web page development software (e.g. Dreamweaver or Html Assistant); course management software (e.g.WebCT); online tutorial development software (e.g.ViewletBuilder); and the ways that data from these sources may be evaluated.Ability to work as a member of a team, in the capacity of research advisor and coordinator..Sound analytical, verbal and written communication skills.Demonstrated initiative.

    Knowledge/Special Skills Preferred:

  • Awareness of the Novanet Catalogue and Consortium.
  • Interest in and knowledge of the issues / challenges of distance education or academic libraries.
  • Particular professional designation required to fulfill the duties of the position:
  • Masters Degree in the Social Sciences (or acceptable equivalent) with experience in structuring project evaluations.
  • Judgment and Initiative Required: Within the goals, objectives and expected outcomes of the OLT / Novanet Contract #21021 Remote Distance / Continuing Education Information Support Project; corresponding to the needs assessment as summarized in the Discussion Paper and Forum Proceedings; and in the context of the Business Plan approved by the Novanet Policy Board, has broad authority to and scope for initiative in planning, implementing short term research for the evaluation of four pilot projects, analyzing the data collected and assisting with reporting on the results of the trials.

    Nature and Extent of Contacts:As research coordinator of the evaluation of the pilot project trials promotes effective communication among these three groups:

  • DE Project Manager and Assistant Project Manager
  • Pilot Project Team Leaders and those participating in each Pilot Project
  • Technical staff in the Novanet office as needed
  • Supervisory Responsibility: none

    Responsibility for Decisions Affecting Cost/Responsibility for Equipment and Materials

  • Direct Responsibility: None
  • Indirect ResponsibilityWith the approval of the Project Manager and the assistance of the Assistant Project Manager, to make purchase recommendations related to the evaluation portion of the pilot project trials, e.g. licenses for statistical and survey software. Other related expenses may be billed to the project with prior consultation.
  • Physical, Mental and Visual Demands: Normal

    Working Environment (Unavoidable Hazards): None

    Additional Information:The work location for the Evaluation Consultant is the campus of any participating Novanet Library.This description represents a reasonable and accurate statement of the position requirements.

    Description Prepared by: Bonnie Waddell in consultation with the Novanet Distance Education Working Group.