Novanet Service Groups Terms of Reference




Services Groups are established by the Novanet Board of Directors to promote communication, the exchange of information, and to advance matters related to service, resources and policies of the Novanet consortium.


Novanet Service Groups are created by and receive their authority from the Novanet Board of Directors.


  1. Develop policies and procedures as they relate to the service area.
  2. Recommend system enhancements to the Novanet Manager.
  3. Identify projects that need to be undertaken to the Novanet Manager.
  4. Assess activities and undertakings through a brief annual report to the Novanet Board of Directors.
  5. Communicate all records of meetings and decisions, using the Novanet website and Service Group listservs.


Each Novanet Service Group shall include the Novanet Manager, at least one representative from each Novanet member institution in the service area, and at least one representative from each Novanet associate member institution in the service area as appropriate. Whereas multiple representatives may attend meetings, only one vote is permitted per full member institution.

Term of Chair

The Chair of each Service Group is elected by the members of the Group to serve a two year term.

Communication and Meeting Procedures

Service Groups may hold one half-day in-person meeting per year, as well as two telephone or online meetings per year. Ongoing communication within the group will be carried out via listservs and group-restricted mailing lists. Any and all listservs and group-restricted mailing lists, or any other mechanism used for group communication, must include the Novanet Manager.


The Novanet Manager oversees the on-going activities of each Service Group. Service Groups will each submit a brief annual report that will include an overview of the year’s activities, issues to be addressed, and an outline of any recommended projects. Reports are to be submitted to the Chair of the Novanet Board of Directors via the Manager by December 31st of each year.

Failure to report for two consecutive years will be re-evaluated by the Board of Directors.


A motion and majority vote is required for all Service Group decisions.

Revised March 2008
Revised 6 January 2017