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Off Campus Borrowers

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January 23, 1995 (updated December 12, 2018)

Objective: To establish a policy for off-campus borrowers who may wish to use all Novanet member university libraries.

Eligibility: Any resident of Nova Scotia or New Brunswick who is not an employee or student at a member university may request status as an off-campus borrower. It is restricted to persons 18 years of age or older. In all cases, cards will be issued after proof of identification is registered with the university issuing the card. Two official ID’s are required, one verifying a local address as defined by the issuing library. The individual to whom the card is issued is responsible for all items borrowed under that card.  However, where a library services the local community, exceptions can be made in accordance with the policy of that institution.

Fees: There are no fees.

Individual policies:

  • Number of items borrowed, at one time, will be in accordance with specific institute policies.
  • Services such as in-depth research, on-line databases, special collections and document delivery (outside Novanet) will be in accordance with individual institute policies.

Delinquency: Overdue items may be subject to fines, and if excessive, may be subject to collection agency referral.

Universal Policies:

  • OCBs can place holds on items in the catalogue but cannot place recalls on items currently on loan.
  • Fines may be charged on overdue materials.
  • OCB records (local patron registration and addresses) expire 5 years from the date of registration.
  • Cards may be renewed or replaced at any Novanet institute, but staff must remember to change the home library at the time of the change.