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An itemized invoice would be required, which would outline the funds to be paid to each library. Novanet would use these quarterly reports to forward money to the various agencies. In the past, some uncontrolled cash was sent sporadically from library to library. This practice must now stop. Invoicing by Novanet will be effective and organized if all cash is accounted for in the proper manner. Scott will try to resolve a problem with pieces removed at Dalhousie libraries which make tracking of fines on these items difficult, since all Dalhousie libraries use the same item identification numbers at the beginning of the barcode. Novanet could produce an itemized invoice which would include Novanet OCB’s, Novanet Express and Pay Anywhere funds. It was agreed that Circulation departments will produce the reports for Pay Anywhere while Novanet will produce the invoices. The Pay Anywere service will begin September 3.

Aug. 22, 1996

Do not use CREDIT or DCARD for payment options in general. Use only cash or cheque payment options.

Nov. 4, 1996