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It is often necessary for the Novanet Office to communicate with or convey information to the Novanet community regarding operational matters. This document does not deal with communication regarding Novanet policy matters. The following attempts to clarify the channels used by the Novanet Office. Obviously, not all cases can be anticipated in advancebut it is hoped this list, along with the application of common sense and judgement,will clarify and facilitate communication from the Novanet Office to those itserves.

1.System functionality and job requests.

The Novanet System Operations Committee has established thePriority Setting Process for dealing with requests for changes in systemfunctionality and other system jobs

2.Unscheduled system downtime.

Part of system down: when part of the system goes downthe Novanet Office will communicate information through the Novanet list.

Entire system down: when the entire system goes down theNovanet Office will communicate information through the Telephone Contact List

3.Scheduled system downtime.

When it is necessary to schedule downtime to complete certainsystem jobs, the Novanet Office will work through NSOC in accordance with the”System Downtime Consultation/Notification process.