Universal Circulation Policies

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December 7, 1998

The following universal policies for the general collections (3WEEK) of all NOVANET libraries have been approved by the members of the Novanet Circulation Committee.

1. Loan Periods/Fine Rate

– 21 day loan period with a 7 day grace

– fine rate $0.25 per day with no charge if returned on or before the 7th day of the grace period. At the 8th day the fine will be $2.00 per item (8 X .25).

– fine maximum $20.00

– fines can be paid at any Novanet library.

2. Renewals

– books may be renewed a maximum of three times(two times for Law and Kellogg).

– books may be renewed at any Novanet library.

3. Suspension

Suspension will occur system-wide:

– at fines of $10.00 or more per patron.

– at one or more Bills for Replacement.

– when a patron has one or more overdue recalls.

Patrons will be notified in writing when they have accrued $10.00 in fines.

N.B. The 21 day loan period is recommended as the general loan period. This does not apply to users currently offered extended loans. Fines, renewals and suspensions apply to all users. Any institution wishing to exempt any user group from fines at their own institution can do so.

4. Minimum Notice Frequency

-1st overdue notice Day 8

-2nd overdue notice Day 21

-3rd overdue notice Day 60

-Bill for Replacement (BFR) Day 83

– Monthly statements are issued for fines and/or BFRs of $10.00 or more accrued in the last ninety days.

– Annual statements are issued in October of each year for fines of $2.00 or more and BFRs accrued in the last 365 days.

5. Holds and Recalls.

– holds will be placed for any patron.

– recalls will be placed for any patron except Off Campus Borrowers.

– a patron will be given 10 days from the time a recall is placed to return the item. Individual libraries may reduce this to a minimum of 3 days if an item is already overdue.

– a returned held or recalled item will be held for pick-up by the patron making the request for seven days.

– if more than one hold/recall is placed on an item the loan period will be reduced to 10 days.

– the recall fine rate is $1.00 per day to a maximum of $20.00 per item.


Return Anywhere (September 1, 1998 – March 30, 1999)

– Books may be returned at any Novanet library.

– Reserve items must be returned directly to the owning library.

An interim report on the project will be prepared for the Novanet Management Committee in January of 1999.