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  • http://webpac.notis.com/
  • Click on Try WebPAC Right Now! 
  • Click on Graphical 
  • Choose Novanet under Other Z39.50 Libraries
  • http://www.sirsi.com/uhtbin/cgisirsi/0/1/0
  • Click on Information Gateway 
  • Click on Library Catalogues 
  • Click on Novanet link
  • We need your Feedback!

    The information gathered through these comments will be used in evaluatingthese products. Check out what your co-workers are saying about Web OPACs.Please enter your own comments. Note that all comments are anonymous. Pleaseremember to qualify your comment to All systems or a specificvendor and whether it is an Observation Only or Positiveor Negative Feedback.

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    The following codes are used to rate each comment as Positive, Observation, or Negative. By selecting one of the images you will be able to view comments of a single type.

    Link and Instructions for Demo Ameritech
    GOA positive feature of this interface. CAUTIONAn observation. i.e. does not have a positive or negative impact 
    or this issue has both negative and positive sides
    STOPA negative feature of this interface.