Extract Holdings to Send to Coutts

Instructions for extracting your institution’s holdings from Novanet to display in the Coutts Oasis.  These instructions are for v.20.  You will want to do this with someone at the Novanet office.


Step 1: Contact Coutts for instructions.


Step 2: Contact Novanet office.


Step 3:

In TEST (because this takes a long time to run)

Go to Cataloging


Retrieve Cataloging Records

Retrieve Records Using CCL (ret-03)

in Command Language Phrase box type: wsl=sublibrary and wtp=monograph

name your output file: whatever is memorable for you


This part goes quickly.  Contact Novanet office to check on the results because it will not display in Task Manager.  When this job is successful you move on to the next part:


Step 4:


Retrieve Catalog Records

Retrieve Catalog Records (ret-01)

input file = output file name from ret-03

name your output file: whatever is memorable for you

fill in “From Creation Date” with the date you want your file to start with (ie. how far back do you want to go?  the further back you go, the larger your file and the longer it takes. I recommend no more than 5 years.)

fill in the “To Creation Date” with the date you want to end with (ie. today’s date)



This takes longer to run and depends on the years of coverage you selected and the number of monographs you have in Novanet.  Again, do this with Novanet office and they will notify you when it is completed.  Novanet office will have to move this file to Task Manager for you.


Step 5:


Retrieve Catalog Records

Download Machine Readable Records (print-03)

input file = name of previous job output file

output file = name Coutts gave you for the file

Field 1 = ALL

Format = MARC

Character Conversion = UTF_to_MARC8



This job also takes a long time to run.  It may show in Task Manager (I can’t remember) but you’ll be working with Novanet so if it doesn’t show they can put it there for you.


Step 6:

From Task Manager

File List

select your file

select print preview

right click to select all

right click to copy

paste into word or excel

Save and send to Coutts


Please correct any errors or omissions.