Training Teams

The TCT team will be responsible for establishing and coordinatingthe training schedule for the functional groups. The team will be chairedby the Project Manager and will report to NSOC. Team members will ensurethat all stakeholders receive the required training in the most efficientmanner. Team members will be the conduit between NSOC and the Novanetfunctional groups with respect to training. Expected duties will include:

1) develop a comprehensive training plan
2) coordinate training activities throughout the Novanet community
3) develop training schedules
4) develop training documentation
5) ensure the training process is fully documented

May 4, 2005 (Word

May19, 2005 (Worddoc, 25 KB)

July 14, 2005 (Word doc, 39 KB)

Sept. 8, 2005 (Word doc, 41 KB)

Ex Libris’ ProposedTraining Schedule (Exceldoc, 22 KB)

SampleInterwise recorded training (includes Interwise client)(Zipfile, 26 MB)


Newsletter #1 May 26, 2005 (PDFdoc, 104 KB)

Newsletter #2 June 7, 2005 (PDFdoc, 55 KB)

Training Teams

Acquisitions/Serials Training Team

Cataloguing Training Team

Circulation/Reserves Training Team